About Us

The Company

I am so glad you made it here! My name is Brian, I am the founder of My Data Analytics. See our mission statement above? Let me expand on that for a moment, to give you a sense of what this team strives for.
The first part of the mission statement is "Bring value to people." Our sincere goal is to help people make their lives better. The primary ways we will improve your life is through time savings, business insights, or technology frustration releif. If anything we do, is not helping our clients in one of these areas, I know it's time to re-examine what we are doing. Knowing that what we do provides value to you in one of these three ways is important to me personally. If you are a client of ours, I guarentee you I will contact you personally to find out what value you get from our company. I just really care about it, and this team is right there with me.
The second part of the mission is to bring that value via our "reporting and automation infrastructure". We work with our clients to develop extremely personalized solutions. There are two areas we specialize in, information delivery and workflow automation. Our team has decades of experience and apptitude that we lend to your team as part of our personalization process.
For example, lets say you have an information delivery problem, meaning that you need more insight to make the correct decisions. Our team will listen to your needs and develop reporting that is both actionable and alertable. That way, you get value from the actions you take. We'll host this data for you so you can rest assured when an important metric is breaking a threshold, we let you know to come look so the correct action can be taken. Data security is taken seriously, and you are able to add or remove your data from our infrastructure at any time without the need to consult us first.
For another example, lets say you or your team spend alot of time dealing with manual workflows. A manual workflow could involve one person or many people. A manual workflow could involve one document or many documents. A manual workflow could feel vital to you or your business, because it is crucial to your foundation. A manual workflow is probably anything you do repeatedly to manipulate data, approve processes, comunicate with your team, validate results or reconcile differences. It is anything you do consistenly that takes your time away. There is a lot of software out there to solve some of these problems. We specialize in those problems that are unique to your business or personal need that is not satisfied by those other solutions. We build you your own solution, so you get exactly what you need to ensure maximum time savings.