My Data Analytics
Business Intelligence
Custom Dashboards and tablular reports automated to deliver insights when you need them. Metric threshold alerts sent to your phone or email so you stay informed.
Get all your Excel, database and vendor data combined to optimize reporting and workflow automation. Our platform provides infrastructure for data reporting and process automation. Our analysts use the infrastructure to save you time and money.
Workflow Automation
Automate your team's manual work with with custom built processes. Any and all manual tasks can be streamiled for ease of use.

How it Works

Step 1 - Learn

We work with you and your team to learn about your data and your objectives. You may want to use your data to make operational decisions, predict what is going to happen, automate manual tasks to save time, track employee performance/goals, create competition amongst your team, manage workflows/documentation, consolidate data from different sources (Excel, PDF, Databases, Vendor Applications), alert you when problems are occuring before it is too late, and many many more things. Your objectives will determine the types of projects we build for you. Our projects are risk free, so it is crucial that they deliver maximum value to you and your team.

Step 2 - Integrate Data

We will build processes to ingest your different relevant data sources. Your data is secure and you are in control of its contents at all times. Your data sources my include Excel, PDF, Word, databases, text files, vendor applications among others. Consolidating this data on our platform helps us bring you the maximum value.

Step 3 - Build Reporting and Tools

We build the projects discussed in step one as cheaply as possible while focusing on the quality of the data and the objectives you lay out. We test the results with you to get your approval and automate the project. Our goal is to build these projects for you as cheaply as possible while keeping the quality of the data and the objectives in focus. We DO NOT make money from building your projects, so you pay what it costs us to make. We want you to be able to afford to bring analytics and data-driven to your business with custom projects that change and enhance over time.

Step 4 - Use, Analyze, Repeat, Ad Hoc

Log in and use your projects on the schedule discussed. Have multiple log ins for different employees and restrict access where needed. If you have a question about the data, contact your analyst for one on one help. We reccomend purchasing structured analysis hours each month so your analyst can continually work with you and break down the data interesting ways. If you have a one time question about your data, submit a request to your analyst and they will manipulate the data to show you the answers! It's as easy as that. You have a partner in data!


I was on the verge of hiring another employee. Making my business digital helped us automate a lot of work that freed up time with my current employees. There was no need to hire another employee yet! Brian and his team are very responsive and helpful to us!

Tom Jansory

Using analytics has changed the way we do business. We use our dashboards daily to make decisions and plan for the future.

Mary Thompson

I can't afford to spend all my time manipulating data to answer my questions. Having Brian to call for help breaking down insights and data has saved me a boatload of time. It's like having an analyst on my team!

Richard Callyer